For all cancellations due to COVID-19 travel restrictions or other cancellation reasons occurring more than 3 months before the first course date, you will receive a credit from BALI OCEAN SURF. We offer the option to reschedule to a later date – A “SUPERFLEX” Credit will be issued to you in the form of a voucher via email on the originally scheduled date of your first surf course. This credit will have no expiration date, valid for all our offers and courses*, and is non-nominal (transferable with prior agreement from BALI OCEAN SURF).

*The price of the new course must be lower or equal to that of the original booking. If the new course is of higher value, the remaining balance must be paid in full at the time of rescheduling. This offer applies to those who have made at least one deposit payment.

– Note: Anyone choosing not to travel solely out of fear of the epidemic is subject to normal cancellation conditions. To travel to Indonesia, a valid passport with more than 6 months of validity and a complete vaccination record are required.




Article 1: Registration Conditions

Participants in activities organized by BALI OCEAN SURF must be able to swim 25 meters and have no medical contraindications to surfing. They should also have read and agreed to the general terms and conditions of sale and payment.


Article 2: Reservation and Payment

Reservations can be made online by filling out the reservation form on the website. They can also be made by phone or in person. Payment for the courses is divided into two parts: first, a deposit will be required to confirm the reservation. The remaining balance is to be paid on the first day of the course in cash, in the desired currency: dollars, euros, or rupiahs. BALI OCEAN SURF does not accept credit cards.


Article 3: Course Cancellation

BALI OCEAN SURF reserves the right, if circumstances require it, in case of adverse weather conditions (lack of waves, rough seas, storms, etc.), insufficient number of participants (minimum 2), and events beyond its control, to modify course schedules, postpone them, or cancel them. A makeup session or, if not possible, a refund will be offered in such cases. Courses not taken due to the participant’s own reasons will not be refunded unless hospitalization occurs (a credit will be provided upon presentation of a hospital certificate). There will be no extra time for latecomers. Any unreported absence or cancellation within 24 hours will be billed.


Article 4: Course Refund

In the event of injuries preventing the trainee from continuing the course, BALI OCEAN SURF will be unable to provide a refund. However, the school will offer a non-nominal credit valid for a maximum of 1 year.


Article 5: Structure’s Responsibility

Trainees will be under the responsibility of the structure and the instructors from the moment their names are called. They will remain under the instructor’s responsibility until they have stored their surfboard and/or returned to the initial meeting point by shuttle. The civil liability of the structure regarding its trainees ceases outside these hours, as described above. Parents or guardians of the trainees must ensure that the planned service is indeed taking place before entrusting the trainees to the structure.


Article 6: Theft of Objects

The school declines any responsibility in case of loss, theft, or damage to objects that may be entrusted to it.


Article 7: Right to Image

By registering for the services organized by the structure, you authorize the latter to use photos and/or videos during your course for the creation of any advertising and promotional material.


Article 8: Personal Data

An information form will be filled out on the first day of the course. BALI OCEAN SURF ensures the confidentiality of the information collected during registration. This data is not communicated to any external partner but may be used to inform customers about events or services.


Article 9: Insurance

We strongly recommend that our customers have insurance during their surf sessions and, if necessary, have their own insurance. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have filled out the registration form correctly for the water activity in which you will participate. The Company is not responsible for death, injury, or illness caused by an activity outside of the Company’s activities. The Company will request any medical bills for expenses during the medical treatment of its clients.


Article 10: Age Limit

Courses are provided and insured for individuals aged 9 years and older. Courses are possible from the age of 5 years only in the surf garden.

(*Persons between 7 and 17 years old will only be covered for 10% of the indicated amount. Maximum age: 65 years.)


Article 11: Health

Participants in activities organized by BALI OCEAN SURF must be able to swim 25 meters and have no medical contraindications to surfing. The company reserves the right to refuse a reservation if the participant’s physical, psychological, and medical conditions could endanger their safety during the session, as well as that of other participants.


Article 12: Limit of Liability in Case of Accident

Name and insurance company of the company: PT. TOKYO MARINE LIFE INSURANCE INDONESIA
Coverage area of the insurance: Region of Bali only
Coverage for the insured:

Death – Disability: USD 5,000
Hospitalization, medical expenses: USD 500

No claims can be made for problems related to water contact lenses. Insurance will only cover accidents that occur during the surf lesson. An accidental injury means bodily injury caused by an accident (of external origin) being the direct and independent cause of the loss:

  1. Requires a physical examination and medical treatment by a doctor
  2. Your coverage then comes into effect. However, the expenses are advanced by the client, and the reimbursement file is transmitted by the structure. Additional expenses incurred during medical treatment will be borne by the client. Insurance will not cover:
    • Additional expenses (medications recommended by the doctor, etc.)
    • Prosthetics
    • Non-medical service fees
    • Cosmetic treatment costs
    • Other charges not related to essential treatment.

You have the right to request information about our company’s insurance (copy of the contract) from the staff. By submitting your reservation, you accept the terms and conditions of the insurance.


Article 13: Transportation

Transportation is included if all of the following conditions are met:

  • For any reservation confirmed by a deposit received at least 24 hours before the date of the first course.
  • Provided that the distance is more than 1 kilometer for nearby areas: Canggu Sud, Denpasar, Kerobokan, Kuta, and Seminyak.
  • Provided that there are at least 2 registered persons on the same route for remote areas: Balangan, Bukit, Canggu Nord, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Padang-Padang, Sanur, and Uluwatu.
  • For any requests outside of these areas, which are more than 7 kilometers away, we offer transportation with an additional cost calculated according to the distance.

The departure and return time will be defined according to the course itinerary and schedule.

If a minor books alone, 1 adult (free) is required for those under 12 years old.
From 12 to 18 years old, 1 adult (free) is required unless a waiver is signed by the responsible legal entities.
For any other case, transportation is free for the first accompanying person. Transportation will be charged $5 USD per additional companion.
It is also possible to book a nanny during the surf lesson if needed for the youngest child in the family.
The maximum number of companions will be determined by Bali Ocean Surf, depending on our capacity.